I Corinthians: “The Errant Church Corrected”


This is an outline of I Corinthians entitled, “The Errant Church Corrected”. This is an analytical, exegetical outline of I Corinthians from the King James Bible. It has appox. 180 pages plus. This outline is great to use to preach a sermon series on I Corinthians. The outline will give you a frame in which you may add your own research. You, also, can use it to teach a Sunday School class or any small group.

                                             “Paul Introduction To A Problem Church”
                                                                    I Corinthians 1:1-31

I. Paul Delivers An Insightful Welcome To The Corinthian Saints (1-9)

A. Paul’s Introduction To The Saints In Corinth (1-3)
1. The Introduction To Two Brothers In Christ (1)
a. Paul’s Authorship Is Stated (1a) Paul,
b. Paul’s Apostleship Is Settled (1b-1c)
(1) He Was Called To The Position Of God’s Apostle (1b)     called to be an apostle of Jesus Christ
(2) He Was Called By The Purpose Of God   Almighty (1c)   through the will of God,
c. Paul’s Associate Is Sosthenes (1d)    and Sosthenes our brother,
2. The Introduction Of True Believers In Corinth (2)
a. The First Destination For His Book Is The Church At Corinth (2a-2b)
(1) It Is To The Lord’s Church At Corinth (2a)  Unto the church of God
(2) It Is To A Local Church In Corinth (2b)   which is at Corinth,
b. The Faithful Description Of All Believers In Corinth (2c-2i)
(1) They Are Declared In Christ To Be Sanctified (2c)   to them that are sanctified in Christ Jesus,
(2) They Are Divinely Called To Be Saints (2d-2i)
(a) All Believers In Jesus Christ Are Called Saints Of God (2d)   called to be saints,
(b) All Believers In Jesus Christ Are Completely Saved By Grace (2e-2i)
(1a) One Family For All The Saints(2e-2f)
(aa) Saints Are Not All Confined To Only One Distinct People (2e)  with all
[The Saints Are Found Many And A Diverse People]