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I Peter: “When Faith Goes Into The Fire”


An alliterated exegetical outline of the Book of I Peter.

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An alliterated exegetical outline of the Book of I Peter. 25 pgs.

I Peter 2:1-25


A. A Demand (1)
1. Be Right In Attitude (1a) “Wherefore laying aside all malice,…”
2. Be Right In Action (1b) “…and all guile,…”
3. Be Right In Authenticity (1c) “…and hypocrisies,…”
4. Be Right In Assurance (1d) “…and envies,…”
5. Be Right In Accusations (1e) “…and all evil speakings,…”

B. A Desire (2-3) 1. The Picture Of Desire (2a) “As newborn babes,…”
1. The Passion Is Described (2b) “…desire the sincere milk of the word,…”
2. The Purpose Is Declared (2c) “…that ye may grow thereby:”
3. The Proof Is Decisive (3)
a. God’s Word Is Found By Tasting (3a) “If so be ye have tasted…”
b. God’s Word Is Favored Because It Is True (3b) “…that the Lord is gracious.”

C. A Duty (4-6)
1. To Visualize The Person Of Christ (4)
a. He Is Peculiar In Character (4a) “To whom coming, as unto a living stone,…”
b. He Is Passed Over In Contempt (4b) “…disallowed indeed of men,…”
c. He Is Preeminent By Choice (4c) “…but chosen of God,…”
d. He Is Precious In Character (4d) “…and precious,”
2. To View The Purpose Of Christians (5)
a. The Description Of Christians (5a) “Ye also, as lively stones,…”
b. The Development Of Christians (5b) “are built up a spiritual house,”
c. The Dignity Of Christians (5c) “…an holy priesthood,…”
d. The Duty Of Christians (5d-5f)
(1) To Offer Up Appropriate Sacrifices (5d) [Content] “…to offer up spiritual sacrifices,”
(2) To Offer Up Acceptable Sacrifices (5e) [Character] “acceptable to God”
(3) To Offer Up Authorized Sacrifices (5f) [Christ] “by Jesus Christ.”