II John ” To The Elect Lady And Her Children”



A. The Identification Of A Present Danger For The
Church (7)
1. The Stern Notification Of The Faithless Deceivers Is
Valuable (7a-7c)
a. The Current Presence Of The Dishonest Sinners (7a)
For many deceivers
[The Gnostics Are Described As Legion] [The Heretics Revealed]
[Their Hearts Are Expressed As Fraudulently Wicked]
b. The Certain Place Of The Deceitful Sinners (7b)
are entered into the world,
[The Gnostics Are Dispersed In The Land] [The Heretic’s Realm]
[Their Home Is Explained As The Faithless World]
c. The Critical Pronouncement Of Their Damnable
Sin (7c) who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh.
[The Gnostics Are Deniers Of The Lord] [The Heretic’s Ruin]
[Their Hopelessness Is Exposed By Their False Witness]

2. The Sinful Nature Of Their Flagrant Depravity Is
Vile (7d-7e)
a. They Are First Reviled As Being Anti-Truth (7d)
This is a deceiver
b. They Are Fully Revealed As Being Anti-Christ (7e)
and an antichrist.