III John “Saints Called Out And Commended”



“Gaius The Trusted–Diotrephes The Tyrant”
III John 1-14

I. John Addresses His Dear Friend In The Local Church (1-4)

A. The Gentle Words Spoken To Gaius By John (1-2)
1. John’s Greeting Is Delivered To Gaius (1)
a. John Shrouds His Authorship To Gaius (1a) The elder
b. John States The Addressee Is Gaius (1b) unto the wellbeloved Gaius,
c. John Shows His Affection For Gaius (1c) whom I love in the truth.
2. Jesus’ Grace Is Directed To Gaius (2)
a. It Is For A Priority Prosperity For Gaius (2a-2c)
[His Tender-hearted Desire For Gaius]
(1) John Exposes His Gentle Heart For Gaius (2a) Beloved,
(2) John Expresses His Great Hope For Gaius (2b-2c)
(a) The Evidence Of John’s Wish For Gaius (2b) I wish
(b) The Extent Of John’s Wish For Gaius (2c) above all things
b. It Is A Personal Prayer For Gaius (2d-2f)
[His Twofold Desire For Gaius]
(1) For Personal Prosperity (2d) that thou mayest prosper
[Successful In His Blessings]
(2) For Physical Prosperity (2e-2f)[Strength In His Body]
(a) Gaius’ Strong Health Is The Desired
Prosperity From John(2e) and be in health,
(b) Gaius’ Soul’s Health Is The Degree Of
Prosperity From John (2f)even as thy soul prospereth.