Isaiah (Vol. 2) Chapters 40-46




“Here Am I…Send Me” Is An Expository and fully alliterated outline of the Old Testament Prophecy of Isaiah. Volume 2 covers Chapters 40 – 66.

“Israel, I Was There All The Time For You”
Isaiah 50:1-11

I. Isaiah Shows That Their Omnipotent Deliverer Has The Eternal Power To Redeem Israel (1-9)

A. God Addresses The False Claim That He Had Forsaken Israel (1-3)
1. The Fault Of Israel’s Captivity Is Not A Defect With God (1)
a. Isaiah Identifies The Speaker To Israel (1a) Thus saith the LORD,
b. Isaiah’s Imperative Search For Israel (1b-1d)
(1) Proof That God Is Not A Divorcee (1b-1c)
(a) He Demands That They Produce The Bill Of Israel’s
Divorcement From God (1b)
Where is the bill of your mother’s divorcement,
[There Is No Official Certificate Of God Divorcing Israel] [She Was Never Forsaken By Any Divorce From God]
(b) He Denies That Their Predicament Is Because Of Israel’s
Divorce From God (1c) whom I have put away?
[There Is No Owed Debt To Creditors From The God Of Israel] [She Was Not Forfeited By Any Debt Of God]
(2) Proves That God Is Not A Debtor (1d)
or which of my creditors is it to whom I have sold you?
c. Isaiah Indicts The Sins Of Israel (1e-1h)
(1) God Announces The Sinful Cause Of Israel’s Judgment (1e-1f)
(a) Sin Is The Reason (1e) Behold, for your iniquities
(b) Sold Is The Result (1f) have ye sold yourselves,
(2) God Affirms The Sad Conclusion Of Her Jam (1g-1h)e
(a) Her Sins Are The Only Reason (1g)
and for your transgressions
(b) Her Situation Is The Obvious Result (1h)
is your mother put away.
2. The Faithfulness Of Israel’s Care Has Never Diminished With God (2)
a. God Was Always Available Directly To Israel (2a-2d)
(1) What Happened When God Came To Israel (2a-2b)
(a) The Testimony Of God’s Approach To Israel Is Of His
Faithfulness (2a) Wherfore, when I came,
(b) The Truth At God’s Approach In Israel Is Of Her Failure (2b)
was there no man?
(2) What Happened When God Called To Israel (2c-2d)
(a) Isaiah Records The Fact Of His Divine Appeal (2c) when I called,
(b) Isaiah Remembers The Failure Of Her Duty To Answer (2d)
was there none to answer?
b. God Was Always Able To Deliver Israel (2e-3)
(1) God Proves His Eternal Purpose Is To Redeem Israel (2e-2g)
[Groundless Inquiries About His Power]