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Philippians (Full Sermon & Outlines)


An alliterated exegetical outline (with full notes) of the Book of Philippians.

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An alliterated exegetical (fully developed notes) & outline of the Book of Philippians. 150 pgs.

“Fellowship In The Gospel”
Philippians 1:1-11

I. An Encouraging Welcome For The Philippian Christians (1:1-11) [The Church On Paul’s Heart]

A. Paul’s Greeting To The Saints At Philippi (1:1-2)
We Meet God’s Apostle To The Philippians (1a-1c)
a. They Were Special Ministers To Jesus’ Church (1a-1b) [Reveals Their Gentile Names]
(1) The Author Of Philippians (1a) Paul
(2) The Assistant Of Paul (1b) and Timotheus,
b. They Were Servant Ministers Of Jesus Christ (1c) the servants of Jesus Christ, [Reveals Their Godly Nature]
2. We Meet A Gentile Audience In Philippi (1d-1i)
a. Their Standing As The Saints Of God (1d)  to all the saints
b. Their Savior Is The Son Of God (1e-1f)
(1) The Sovereignly Anointed One (1e)  in Christ
(2) The Substitutionary Atonement Offering (1f) Jesus
c. Their Supervision Of The Saints Of God (1g-1i)
(1) Their Church’s Location Is Philippi (1g) which are at Philippi,
(2) Their Christian Leadership In Philippi (1h-1i)
(a) To The Shepherds Of The Flock (1h) with the bishops
(b) To The Servers Of The Flock (1i) and deacons:
3. We Meet A Godly Assurance For The Philippians (2)
a. Paul’s Greeting Of Grace (2a-2b)
(1) He Mentions The Pardon Of Grace (2a)Grace be unto you, [Affirms Their Redemption By Grace]
(2) He Mentions The Product Of Grace (2b) and peace, [Affirms Their Reconciliation To God]
b. Paul’s Guarantee For Grace (2c-2d)
(1) He Mentions The Provider Of Grace (2c) from God our Father,
(2) He Mentions The Procurer Of Grace (2d) and from the Lord Jesus Christ.