“Nineveh: A Dead Man Walking” – Nahum 1:1-15

I. The Doom Of Nineveh Is Foretold (1)

A. The Burden Concerns Nineveh’s Future (1a) The burden of Nineveh.

B. The Book Contains Nahaum’s Forecast (1b) The book of the vision of Nahum

C. The Background Confirms Nahaum’s Family (1c) the Elkoshite.

II. The Destroyer Of Nineveh Is Faithful (2-11)

A. The True Character Of God’s Wrath (2-3)

1. The Divine Reason For The Wrath Of God (2) [The Cause]

a. He Is An Eternally Jealous God (2a-2b)

(1) God Is Righteous In His Jealousy (2a) God is jealous,

(2) God Is Revenging In His Justice (2b) and the LORD revenged;

b. He Is An Eternally Judging God (2c-2d)

(1) His Revenging Is Ever Personal (2c) the LORD revengeth,

(2) His Revenging Is Eternally Powerfully (2d) and is furious;

c. He Is An Eternally Just God (2e-2f)

(1) He Releases Proper Revenge On His Foes Effectively (2e) the LORD will take vengeance on his adversaries, [Correction]

(2) He Reserves Personal Ruin For His Faithless Enemies (2f) and he reserveth wrath for his enemies. [Consumption]

2. The Divine Responsibility For The Wrath Of God (3) [The Course]

a. His Generous Patience (3a) The LORD is slow to anger, [Slow To His Anger]

b. His Great Power (3b) and great in power, [Strong In His Ability]

c. His Guaranteed Purpose (3c) and will not at all acquit the wicked: [Settled In His Actions]