“Preparing the Way of the Lord” – Mark 1:1-45

I. The Preparatory Ministry of John (Vs. 1-8)

A. The Messenger (1-6)

1. The Predictive Announcement Of John The Baptist (1-3)

a. The Simple Basics Of Mark’s Gospel (1)

(1) Introduces The Start Of His Gospel (1a)  “The beginning of the gospel”

(2) Introduces The Subject Of His Gospel (1b) “…of Jesus Christ,…”

(3) Introduces The Son Of His God (1c) “the Son of God;”

b. The Scriptural Basis For Mark’s Gospel (2-3)

(1) The Sacred Writings Of The Prophets Promised The Ministry Of John (2a) “As it is written in the prophets,…”

(2) The Specific Witness Of The Prophets Pictured The Messenger As John (2b-3)

(a) A Personal Messenger Of Jesus (2b) “Behold, I send my messenger before thy face,”

(b) A Privileged Messenger Of Jesus (2c) “which shall prepare thy way before thee.”

(c) A Preparatory Mission For Jesus (3)

i) Shouted In Its Delivery (3a) “The voice of one crying in the wilderness,…”

ii) Simple In Its Demand (3b) “…Prepare ye the way of the Lord,”

iii) Spiritual In Its Duty (3c) “…make his paths straight.”

2. The Personal Arrival Of John The Baptist (4-6)

a. The Declaration Of John (4)

(1) His Public Practice Of Baptism (4a) “John did baptize…”

(2) His Private Pulpit In Barrenness (4b) “…in the wilderness…”

(3) His Personal Preaching With Boldness (4c) “…and preach the baptism of repentance for the remission of sins.”

b. The Draw Of John (5)

(1) The People (5a-5b)

(a) Those From The Country Of Judaea (5a) “And there went out unto him all the land of Judaea,…”

(b) Those From The Capital Of Jerusalem (5b) “and they of Jerusalem,”