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Galatians: “The Gospel Of Grace”


An alliterated exegetical outline of the Book of Galatians.

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An alliterated exegetical outline of the Book of Galatians. 41 pgs.

II. Paul Defines The Authentic Gospel Of God (6-9)

A. Paul Discovered A Spiritual Problem In Galatia (6) [Saint’s Declension]
Response Of Amazement And Grief (6a) I marvel
2. Removal From The Almighty God (6b-6c)
a. Who Had Called Them From The Awfulness Of Sin (6b) [From Godlessness] that ye are so soon removed from him that called you
b. Who Had Called Them To The Almighty’s Salvation (6c) [To Grace] into the grace of Christ
3. Reaching For Another Gospel (6d) unto another gospel:
I. Paul Defines A Satanic Perversion In Galatia (7) [Spiritual Danger]

A. Satanic Deception (7a) Which is not another;

B. Satan’s Disciples (7b) but there be some that trouble you,

C. Satan’s Desire (7c) and would pervert the gospel of Christ.

 III. Paul Delivers A Strong Pronouncement To The Galatians (8-9) [Sure Damnation]

A. Paul Reveals A Severe Curse (8)
1. The Preachers In Paul’s Warning (8a-8c) [Messengers]
a. Even The Apostle Paul (8a) But though we,
b. Even The Associates Of Paul (8b) But though we,
. The Preaching In Paul’s Warning (8d-8e) [Message]
a. Other False Gospel (8d) [The Devil’s Substitute] preach any other gospel unto you
b One Faithful Gospel (8e) [The Divine Standard] than that which we have preached unto you,
3. The Promise In Paul’s Warning (8f) let him be accursed.

B. Paul Restates The Severe Curse (9)
1. His Repetition Emphasizes The Importance Of His Statement (9a) As we said before, so say I now again,
2. His Review Examines The Implication In His Statement (9b-9e)
a. Paul Attacks The Anti-Grace Gospel (9b-9c)
(1) Any Faithless Graceless Man (9b) If any man preach
(2) Any False Gospel Message (9c) any other gospel unto you
b. Paul Affirms The Authentic Gospel (9d) than that ye have received,
c. Paul Announces The Accursed Grief (9e) let him be accursed.