I Timothy: “Warring A Good Warfare”


An alliterated exegetical outline of the Book of I Timothy.

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An alliterated exegetical outline of the Book of I Timothy. 38 pgs.

“Requirements For A Healthy Church”
I Timothy 2:1-15

I. Paul’s Call To Prayer (1-7)  

A. We Should Pray With A Definite Purpose In Mind (1-4)
[Our Christian Duty]
1. The Priority For Our Praying (1a-1b) [A Definite Plea]
a.The Urging Of Our Praying(1a) I exhort therefore,
b. The Urgency Of Our Praying(1b) that, first of all,
c. The Progression Of Our Prayers (1c-1f) [A Definite Process]
(1) It Includes Our Time Of Asking From God (1c-1e)
(a) The Believer’s Intimate Petitions (1c) supplications,
[Petitions For Our Selves] [Shows Our Relationship With God] (b) The Believer’s Inclusive Prayers (1d) prayers,
[Prayers For Omnipotent Sustenance] [Shows Our Reliance On God]
(c) The Believer’s Intercessory Pleas (1e) intercessions,
 [Pleading For Other Souls] [Shows Our Responsibility Before God]
(2) It Includes Our Time Of Appreciation To God (1f)
and giving of thanks,
2. The People For Our Prayers (2a-2c) [A Definite People]
a.For Standard Residents(2a) be made for all men;
b. For Sovereign Royalty(2b) For kings,
c. For Secular Rulers (2c) and for all that are in authority;
3. The Product Of Our Praying (2d-2g) [A Definite Product]
a. The Believer’s World Is Changed (2d-2e)
(1) As Citizens They Will Enjoy Political Tranquility (2d)
that we may lead a quiet… life 
(2) As Christians They Will Experience Personal Tranquility (2e
and peaceable life
b. The Believer’s Witness Is Clear (2f-2g)
(1) Godly Character Is Our Display (2f) in all godliness
[Our Walk In The World Is Holy] 
(2) Good Conduct Is Our Deportment (2g) and honesty.
[Our Witness To The World Is Honesty]
4. The Purpose Of Our Praying (3-4) [A Definite Purpose]
God’s Proper Estimation Of The Christian’s Prayers (3a-3b)
(1) Attested As Good (3a) For this is good
(2) Acceptable To God (3b) and acceptable