I John -“Blessed Assurance, Jesus Is Mine”


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I John –Blessed Assurance, Jesus Is Mine” — 44 pgs. $12.00

“The Blessings Of Walking In The Light”
I John 1:1-10

I. The Marvel Of Our Fellowship With The Sovereign God (1-4)

A. John First Reveals The Fact Of Jesus As The God Man (1-2)
1. The Introduction Of Jesus As The Word Of Life (1)
a. John Proclaims The Personal Deity Of Jesus (1a)  That which was from the beginning,
[Jesus Is The Eternal Son Of God] [John Recognized Jesus In His Eternal Worth As Lord]
b. John Realized The Physical Dimension Of Jesus (1b-1e)
[Jesus Is The Eternal Servant As God] [John Recalls Jesus In His Earthly Witness Of Love]
(1) He Was Vocal In His Message (1b) which we have heard,
(2) He Was Visible In His Ministry (1c)  which we have seen with our eyes,
(3) He Was Validated In His Manhood (1d-1e)
(a) The Disciples Were Eye-Witnesses To Jesus’ Humanity (1d)  which we have looked upon,
[The Perception Of Jesus’ Physical Body]
(b) The Disciples Had Examined Jesus As Human (1e) and our hands have handled,
[The Proof Of Jesus’ Physical Body]
c. John Reveals The Powerful Designation For Jesus (1f)  of the Word of life;
[Jesus Is The Eternal Savior As God] [John Reveals Jesus As The Efficacious Word Of Life]
2. The Incarnation Of Jesus As The Witness Of Love (2)
a. The Appearance Of The Word Of Life To The World (2a)  (For the life was manifested,
b. The Affirmation Of The Word Of Life In The World (2b-2c)
(1) Jesus Was Examined By His Disciples (2b) and we have seen it,
(2) Jesus Was Exclaimed By His Disciples (2c) and bear witness,
c. The Announcement Of The Word Of Life To The World (2d-2f)
(1)The Disciples’ Subject Is Eternal Life (2d) and shew unto you that eternal life,
(2)The Divine Source Of Eternal Life (2e-2f)
(a) Eternal Life Was Present With The Father Pre-Incarnate (2e) which was with the Father,
(b) Eternal Life Was Presented By The Father Physically (2f) and was manifested unto us;)