Isaiah Vol. 1 Chapters 1-39




“Here Am I…Send Me” Is An Expository and fully alliterated outline of the Old Testament Prophecy of Isaiah. Volume 1 covers Chapters 1 through 39.

“The Vision Of Isaiah”
Isaiah 1:1-31

  1. Isaiah Starts With A Divine Indictment Concerning Judah’s Sin (1-9) [Wayward Sinners Which Were Abandoning Their Lord] A. The Introduction To Isaiah The Prophet Of God (1) [The Siege Of Jerusalem]
    1. The Messenger Is Isaiah (1a-1b) [A Chosen Tool]
    a. The Foresight In The Future Prophecy (1a) The vision of Isaiah
    b. The Father Of The Faithful Prophet (1b) the son of Amoz,
    2. The Mission-field For Isaiah (1c-1d) [A Chosen Target]
    a. His Message Concerned The Citizens Of Judah (1c) which he saw concerning Judah
    b. His Message Concerned The City Of Jerusalem (1d) and Jerusalem
    3. The Monarchs Of Isaiah (1e-1i) [A Chosen Time]
    a. The Description Of The Kings At Jerusalem In The Days Of Isaiah’s Prophecy (1e-1h)
    (1) King Uzziah: Prosperous But Punished By God (1e) in the days of Uzziah, [Grieved Because Of His Pride]
    [Characterized By Physical Uncleanness Before God]
    (2) King Jotham: Proper And Profitable To God (1f) Jotham, [Good As A Person] [Characterized By Personal Usefulness To God]
    (3) King Ahaz: Paganism And Perverse Before God (1g) Ahaz, [Godless In His Paganism]
    [Characterized By Perpetual Ungodliness Before God]
    (4) King Hezekiah: Proven And Prayerful Before God (1h) and Hezekiah, [Great In His Purpose]
    [Characterized By Public Uplifting Of God]
    b. The Declaration Of The Kings Of Judah In The Days Of Isaiah’s Prophecy (1i) kings of Judah.

B. The Introduction To Isaiah’s Prophecy From God (2-9) [The Subjugation Of The Jews]
1. The Rebellion Of Judah Against Their God (2-3)