Obadiah: “The Coming Day Of The Lord”


An alliterated exegetical outline of the Book of Obadiah.

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An alliterated exegetical outline of the Book of Obadiah. 11 pgs.

The Coming Day Of The LORD
Obadiah 1-21

  1. The Foolish Pride Of Anti-Semitism (1-14)

    A. The Call For Edom’s Destruction (1-9) [Preparation For War]
    1. God’s Call For A Gentile Army Against Edom (1) [The Destruction Of Edom Is Ordered By God]
    [God Begins A Necessary War With Edom]
    a. The Introduction To The Book (1a-1c)
    (1) The Special Vision Of Obadiah (1a) The vision of Obadiah.
    [The Declared Title Of The Prophecy Of Obadiah]
    (2) The Sovereign Voice To Obadiah (1b) Thus saith the Lord GOD [The Divine Taskmaster Of The Prophecy]
    (3) The Sinful Victim In Obadiah (1c) concerning Edom; [The Doomed Target In The Prophecy Of Obadiah]
    b. The Incitement To The Battle (1d-1f)
    (1) A Message From God (1d) We have heard a rumour from the LORD, [A Warning On The Wind]
    (2) A Messenger From God (1e) [A Witness Of The Word]
    and an ambassador is sent among the heathen,
    (3) A Mission For God (1f) [A War Against The Wicked] Arise ye, and let us rise up against her in battle.
    2. God’s Contention With The Godless Attitude Of Edom (2-4) [The Destruction Of Edom Is Orchestrated By God]
    [God Brings Notice On The Wickedness In Edom]
    a. Puny And Hated Is God’s View Of Edom (2)
    (1) How God Diminished Edom In The Eyes Of The Heathen Nations (2a) Behold, I have made thee small among the heathen:
    (2) How God Despised Edom In The Estimation Of The Heathen Nations (2b) thou art greatly despised.
    b. Pride In The Heart Is God’s Verdict About Edom (3-4)